Our New Funding!

We would like to say a big thank you to Dorset Community Foundation for a recent grant award from the Dorset Coronavirus Community Fund. This money will be used towards giving members more online support, developing the new website and creating additional resources. Thank you Dorset Community Foundation!

Website up and running

The first stage of the Our Voice website has completed with a version up and running. This site allows members to log in and access support as well as share their videos with the world. The website is a work in progress and we will be developing it and adding content all the time.

Our First Virtual Club

This is a picture of our first virtual filmmaking club happening. We all really enjoyed getting together again, even if we couldn’t share out biscuits! Members have some great ideas for films that they want to make over the next few weeks. Pageant Productions will be supporting them. Each Our Voice member has access the the basic membership pages on the Pageant …

Our First Team Video

To put our new skills into practice the group made a short film telling the story: How to make a cup of tea. Some of our group have been learning this independent living skill recently. Jack & James discuss how Jack has learned to make a cup of tea. Nick directed this video while Chris filmed it. Sound was monitored …